With 1000+ Repetitions hitting every muscle group. The Beginner REP2k Challenge is the way to kick start your journey in Becoming The Beast.





Barbell Curl (2 sets of 8)

Close grip barbell curl (2 sets of 8)

Concentration Curl (2 sets of 8 reps each arm)





dumbbell fly (4 sets of 8)

Dumbbell Press (4 sets of 8)

bench press (4 sets of 8)





One-arm dumbbell row (4 sets of 8) 2 sets each arm

Upright bar row (4 sets of 8)

Lat pull down (4 sets of 8)

Seated row (4 sets of 8)





seated knee ups 4x25

Crunches 4x50

Dumbbell side bend 4x20 (2 sets each side)





One-arm dumbbell extensions (4 sets of 8)

Tricep push downs (4 sets of 8)

Overhead barbell extension (4 sets of 8)




Traps and Shoulders


shrugs (4 sets of 20)

lateral raises (4 sets of 8)

military press (4 sets of 8)





Squats (4 sets of 8)

Leg press (4 sets of 8)

Leg Curl (4 sets of 8)

Leg extension (4 sets of 8)





Wrist Curl (4sets of 8 reps) (2 sets per arms)

Reverse wrist Curl (4sets of 8 reps) (2 sets per arm).



*The Rep 2k challenge is not intended for a daily workout routine.


*Use Proper form on each exercise


*Consult your health care provider before performing challenge.




 "Everyone wants to be a lion, here's your chance."